How To Make Your Very Own Batch Of Percy Pig Beer

It's pink, it's strong and it tastes just like Percy Pigs.

A budding home brewer with an appreciation for sweet treats has just unveiled his latest beer-based creation: Percy Pig beer.

No trip to Marks and Spencer is complete without the purchase of a bag of Percy Pig sweets but one YouTube vlogger has taken his appreciation for the pig-shaped gummies to new alcoholic heights.

The result is the sweetest home brew you are ever likely to try and one that’s seriously easy to make. In fact, the home brewing vlogger behind the brew, known as Beer Uncapped on YouTube, has created a video to take fans through the entire process.

Made over a six-week period, the six-minute tutorial takes us through the fermenting process and includes important details to consider.

Two 170g bags of Percy Pigs go into the heady brew, which works out at around 6% ABV, which is a bit higher than your standard pint, which ranges between 4-5% ABV.

The results are a sight to behold though, with the beer looking decidedly frothy and pinkish. Beer Uncapped also insist that the brew does taste a lot like Percy Pigs, which is a major plus.

The ingenious brewer behind the beer told the Press Association: “I’m a hobby vlogger and home brewer who’s been brewing for about two years. I love Percy Pigs and, after a tipsy conversation with a mate, I wondered if I could put them in a beer.

“I love beer and I love Percy Pigs so it seemed like a great combo. So, in my spare time, for a bit of fun I’ve been refining this recipe. I was doing beer reviews and thought I would make a snazzy video of how to make the beer.”

Dubbed “Getting’ Piggy With It” the beer might not be hitting supermarket shelves anytime soon but it could inspire other beer makers to get creative when it comes to their next batches.

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