How To Make A Film Before You Are 30

According to first time filmmaker Scott Elliott.

New feature film Scott and Sid has been created by Bradford-born Scott Elliott and Sid Sadowskyj and is based on their own life experiences.

The first-time film makers had never written, directed, produced or distributed a film before this. To celebrate the release of the film in cinemas and on DVD, loaded spoke to filmmaker Scott Elliott, about how to make a film by the age of 30. Here’s what he had to say……  

“Dreamchaser: an individual with the courage to follow their heart and the belief to succeed in the path that they take. This is the mantra that myself and best-friend Sid Sadowskyj live by. It is the vision that has inspired us since the age of 15 and will continue to do so.”


Get ready for rejection.

“Filmmaking isn’t a straightforward or effortless process. It took us a long time and it was a tough slog.”


Set yourself a goal.

“Remember it takes time to make a film – it can take many years but don’t feel pressured to get it right in the first instance.”


Distance yourself from negativity.

“Greed, vanity and selfishness are prevalent in society at times and you must push yourself away from the temptation to accept them in yours. Surround yourself with the people who strive to be more than normal and those who remain polite and courteous no matter the great heights they may reach. If you surround yourself with smart, creative people then your project can only go from strength to strength.”


Shake casting up.

“I invited potential actors to a more comfortable setting – my flat! I found that it allowed them to be more relaxed and they gave a more rounded and sure performance as a result. The results were amazing and I’m glad we went about casting in the way we did.”


Go with your gut.

“Listen to the little voice at the back of your head as it’s usually right! No one can tell you the correct way to live your life as a filmmaker. Whilst many will offer advice or opinion, if you remain true to yourself, you will be prouder as a result.”

Scott and Sid is out in UK cinemas 9th March, and released on DVD and Digital Download 12th March

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