How To Lose Weight Eating Nothing But Greggs Every Day

What if loaded told you you could get yourself beach ready for the summer on a diet of sausage rolls and steak bakes? You’d say we were crazy or delusional, right?

Well, that may not be the case, because there’s a new diet on the high street that’s promising to help you ditch the pounds provided you stick to a very strict diet…of food from Greggs.

That’s right: the world’s most popular bakery chain is embarking on a campaign to help you ditch the sausage rolls and be bake-ini ready for the summer ahead.

It’s called Minimise Me and has been developed in conjunction with actual, genuine nutritionists to help followers lose between 1-2Ibs a week.

The only catch is that you can only eat things from Greggs, which shouldn’t be too hard, right? Right?

But before anyone starts picturing endless days of sausage rolls and bacon and cheese turnovers day in, day out, it’s worth noting that the diet plan includes things like fruit and nuts and yoghurt.

It’s already been proven to work too, with four dieters testing the regime out over a month long period with noticeable results.

Laura Clark, a dietitian who worked on the plan, told the Daily Record: “Working alongside Greggs, my aim of this diet was to provide a supportive, holistic approach to recognising and then changing long term food and lifestyle habits as part of overall weight management goals.

“It’s been a great challenge to work on and to see surprisingly how many lower calorie options Greggs now actually offers across its range.”

Fancy losing a few pounds? Get on the pasties and maybe you’ll do exactly that. Just keep to the recommended portions, yeah?

It definitely won’t work if you have five pasties, including that extra one you order for the walk from the shop back to the office. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

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