How to get the new ‘Netflix for sports’ service from DAZN

Sky and BT Sports could end up quaking in their boots...

Leicester City Premier League trophy
Champions Leicester City lift the Premier League title. Image Picture Michael Regan/Getty

Netflix and Spotify have turned out to be game-changers when it comes to accessing film, TV and music – but as of yet there’s been no equivalent for sports.

Bootleg live streams of pretty much every televised sporting event are rife online, meaning that broadcasters, sporting bodies and teams are missing out on millions. Where is Netflix for sports?

Sports media group Perform have just answered that question with the release of DAZN, a German-based live streaming service that’ll give you “unlimited access to watch the widest array of live and on demand sport on virtually any connected device”.

For around $12 / €9.99 / £8.50 a month you’ll be able to unlock everything from football in the five biggest European leagues to NFL, NBA, ice hockey and rugby.

But there’s a catch. The service is only available to users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the moment. That might chance in the future, but for now there’s a way to navigate around the territory restrictions.

How to get Netflix for sports

You can do this by…

  1. Getting an IP address in one of the valid countries using a VPN
  2. Doing the same with a bank account of credit card such as a virtual prepaid card

Basically, the thing Netflix users have been doing for years to get access to foreign service library titles.

DAZN are even offering a 30-day free trial to get you hooked.

If this ever makes its way to the UK, Sky and BT Sports might find themselves in major trouble.

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