How To Get Into The Action-Packed World Of Movie Stunt Driving

The man behind the wheel in The Accountant reveals all.

The Accountant

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that car chases will never go out of fashion in Hollywood.

From old school sequences in Bullitt and the French Connection, to more recent movies like Drive and the Fast & Furious series, everyone has their favourite car chase.

Thousands of movie buffs around the world dream of growing up to be stunt drivers in Hollywood blockbusters, but have you ever wondered how you’d actually go about becoming one?

David Alessi is a man who knows the industry better than anyone. A precision driver and stuntman, David has worked on such films as Taken 3, Solace, Ant-Man, Barely Lethal and A Walk In The Woods, and also recently worked on the Ben Affleck thriller The Accountant.

loaded spoke to David to find out more about the industry, and ask how to we’d go about fulfilling a boyhood dream of becoming a driver.

Stunt driver
The Accountant

“There are Schools that one can attend for stunt driving, Rick Seaman for one,” he said when asked the best way to get into the business.

In fact, stunt diving school are more popular than ever these days. If you’re interested, the California-based Rick Seaman offer a 3-day course costing a couple of grand. Don’t worry if you’re UK based either – Silverstone also offers a stunt driving course for anyone that fancies getting a foot in the industry.

As David goes on to explain though, he drew the majority of his experiences from his former career in law enforcement.

“I’ve gotten most of my training from being in Law Enforcement.  I was a police officer for over 20 years, and I taught new officers how to drive & control their cars in emergency driving.”

Once you gain the skills required to get into the business, you might be lucky enough to get signed up to an agency, like the one David works with.

“I work with a group here in Atlanta GA called Precision Drivers Unlimited,” he told loaded.

“We supply drivers, picture cars (Through Action Precinct picture cars) and also perform stunts. Our group is currently working on a feature film that involves a lot of stunts, and some pretty big name actors.”

It sounds like an awesome job, and of course it is, but it comes with its fair share of difficulties too.

“All driving stunts can be challenging,” he said, adding: “There is always a level of danger, even in the smallest stunt.  J turns, 360’s, and slide and stop are somewhat challenging.”

“Fortunately, I have never been injured while driving or performing driving stunts… I have crashed a police vehicle, and received minor injuries from that,” he added.

Keep an eye out for David behind the wheel in future, and just remember – If you ever wanted to be a stunt driver as a kid, it’s never too late achieve your dream.

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