How To Get 10 Days Off At Christmas Using Just Three Days Holiday

You might want to get those festive holiday requests in now.

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Time to celebrate It's on!

It might seem a little bit odd to be talking about Christmas in the middle of an intense summer heatwave but this it’s worth making a note of.

Because, as it turns out, there’s a very easy way of getting yourselves 10 days of uninterrupted holiday over the festive period while only using up three of your precious leave days off work.

Christmas is busy at the best of times and, as a rule, most people tend to use up holiday time over those festive few days, often seeing family or simply lazily relaxing in the warm glow of a day spent consuming copious amounts of food and alcohol.

Therefore, it pays to be in the know when it comes to booking time off, because there’s a very handy trick that could see you enjoy a whopping 10 days way from work.

It’s all because of the fact that Christmas Day day falls on a Monday in 2017, with Boxing Day set for the Tuesday, with New Year’s Day set for the following Monday.

What that means is that, if you book Wednesday December 27th, Thursday December 28th and Friday December 29th off work, you will be away from the office from the close of play on Friday December 22nd right through to Tuesday January 2nd.

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Santa and helper TJ Miller and Jason Bateman. Image eOne

That’s 10 whole days to catch up with family, celebrate Christmas, open some presents and see in the New Year.

Of course, none of this applies to you if you happen to be one of those poor souls that works weekends and bank holidays. If that happens to be the case, you’re f*cked.

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