How To Find Out If The New £10 In Your Wallet Is Worth Thousands

Your edition of the new Jane Austen-fronted note could be worth big money.

The Jane Austen £10 note. Image Getty

On the face of it, the introduction of a new £10 note into circulation isn’t all that exciting but there is serious money to be made for those that stay vigilant.

The new £10 note features famous British novelist and feminist Jane Austen alongside the quote “I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading” taken from her literary classic Pride and Prejudice.

Look at little closer, however, and you might find the key to making some serious cash off a simple £10 note.

It’s all to do with the serial numbers found on the note. According to the currency collectors’ website, certain serial numbers could be worth thousands.

Any notes featuring serial numbers starting with AA are likely to be popular with collectors, especially those with the serial number AA01 – the first line of the new notes to be printed.

There are other serial numbers worth keeping an eye out for too. They include:

JA01 – These include Austen’s initials

JA75 – These include Austen’s year of birth.

JA17 – These include the year Austen died.

Any with the serial numbers 16 121775 or 18 071817, which both represent Austen’s date of birth and death respectively.

Notes with the serial number 17 751817, which includes Austen’s birth and death year combined, could also be worth serious money.

The serial number 28 011813, could be worth looking out for because it’s also the date the novel Pride and Prejudice was first published.

Change Checker is eager to stress, however, that there’s no guarantee these notes featuring these serial numbers with soar in value though – but it looks likely.

“Whilst these will likely become popular with collectors in the future, it could be many years before notes with these serial numbers enter circulation due to the huge amount of possible combinations that would come before ‘JA'”, they warned on their website.

The new £5 note
The new £5 note You need this in your life Image Ebay

It’s not the first time this kind of furore has greeted the release of a new note from the Bank of England. Last year, collectors were clamouring for one of the new polymer £5 notes featuring rare or unique serial codes. At one point, one of these notes was selling for £80,000 on eBay.

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