How To Erase That Embarrassing Netflix Browsing History

Or how to cover your tracks when jumping ahead on the latest hit series…

Netflix Image Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Most blokes worth their salt know a thing or two about erasing your internet browsing history when the time calls for it – but what about erasing your Netflix viewing history?

Sure, the two things might be ever so slightly different but there are plenty of scenarios where the ability to purge your Netflix viewing past could come in pretty handy.

Maybe you don’t want your partner to know that you spent Friday night watching Love Actually, your go-to guilty pleasure.

Perhaps you are worried that the decision to watch Hugh Grant et al will impact on the Netflix algorithm that serves up recommendations on what to watch next.

Alternatively, you may have decided to do the dirty on a friend or other half by finishing off the latest binge-tastic series from Netflix without them.

Pablo Escobar in Narcos
Piece of the action Narcos is one of Netflix's stand out shows. Image Picture Netflix

Rather than face the music over the fact you watch eight episodes of House of Cards without them, would you not rather erase the memory of it and then watch it again, making timely, insightful comments that make you seem cleverer than you are.

Whatever the case, help is at hand thanks to this little link.

Login and you’ll be presented with a chronological list of everything you have ever watched on Netflix.

It allows you to remove any and all films you would rather your friends and loved ones find out about.

From TV box sets to embarrassing film choices – life may never be the same again after learning about this nifty Netflix hack.

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