How To Ensure You Never See Your Ex On Facebook Ever Again

It’s a process than involves more than just simply blocking them

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Facebook is pretty much a daily obsession for millions the world over keen to stay connected to friends, families and maybe even a few old flames.

But what happens when things turn seriously sour with an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, to the extent by which you would rather erase their existence entirely from your daily news feed?

Fear not, because loaded is here and on hand to help you complete the Facebook equivalent of burning those old photos and keepsakes.

It’s a two-step process, that starts with the standard practice of blocking your partner from ever being able to view your profile again.

The first stage is simple enough. Got to the top right hand corner of any page on Facebook and click on the tab labelled: “How do I stop someone from bothering me?”

Then it’s just a case of entering the name or even email address of the person you want to erased from your life by clicking the button handily labelled “Block.”

However, that’s still far from the end of the expunging process.

The next facet to take into account is the sometimes handy but occasionally frustrating On This Day Feature.

It’s a simple enough feature and one we are all familiar with – on certain anniversaries or special days, Facebook will automatically push certain photos onto your feed, giving you the option of sharing them with others.

But that sort of thing can prove a problem if the person featured in the photo is someone you would rather forget.


Fortunately, loaded once again has the answer when it comes to managing your Facebook memories.

Simply open your Facebook account in a browser and head to your news feed. From there you need to find the Apps section located on the left hand side of the page and click on the icon marked “On This Day.”

This will take you to your Memories page, where you will be able to access another tab, labelled “Preferences” that allows you to not only choose which people come up on your feed as part of the picture but also the date range you want the feature to focus on.

And that’s pretty much it. You’re free now. Well go on, get out of here!

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