How To Enjoy Rum The Right Way

A handy guide to ensure you make the most of your rum drinking experience.


Here at loaded our love of all things booze is well documented and only on a par with our penchant for a good pun.

But finding the right tipple and the right way to drink it can be a tricky process, particularly when it comes to something like the pirate’s favourite grog, rum.

Never fear though, because loaded is ready and waiting with five essential bits of advice for anyone looking to enjoy this particular tipple as the winter chill sets in.


Don’t Put Any Crap In It

Coca Cola is for ninnies and garbage people. In the Caribbean, rum is enjoyed by itself, or with a splash of water and a few ice cubes.


Soda and Lime

Mix a good dark rum (Appleton) with some fizzy water and a few lime wedges, like a cool breeze in your mouth.


Coconut Water

Also a staple mixer in the Islands, Coconut Water brings out the sweetness of Rum in the best way, plus it offsets the harshness of alcohol on your belly. So no more embarrassing stomach whale calls on a night out.



Most folks don’t know that Bitters is an accent for rum. Well, now you do. A few splashes and you’ll impress everyone with your sophistication.


Rum Punch

This is lethal. The old recipe rhyme goes: One of Sour. Two of Sweet. Three of Strong. Four of Weak.


One cup of lime juice

Two Cups of Sugar syrup

Three Cups of rum

Four Cups of water


Mix it all up and have at it. Godspeed!

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