How Sadistic Are You? Take This 9 Question Test To Find Out

Scientists worked out how much pleasure we take from hurting others

Christian Bale as a movie psychopathImage Picture Lionsgate

Sadism, the idea of taking pleasure in hurting other people, is a concept as old as time.

However, more recently, it’s been given something of a fresh face thanks to the emergence of the internet and things like trolling and cyberbullying.

It’s given rise to an increased focus, in clinical psychology, on how dark personality traits develop and the ways of spotting these negative aspects of the human psyche.

The result is a nine question test, published in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, designed to reveal just how sadistic you are.

It’s simple enough: read the nine statements that follow and give each a rating, from one to five, based on how much you agree with them (one for completely disagree and five for completely agree.)

While the results may not offer up a conclusive assessment of whether you are a sadist, the general rule is that the more negative correlations recorded, the more sadistic you appear to be.


I have made fun of people so that they know I am in control.



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