How much men are willing to pay for a date with Margot Robbie

Harley Quinn will cost you a bob or two.

Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprioImage Picture Warner Bros

How far would you go for a date with Margot Robbie?

According to new research commissioned by cashback rewards site QuidCo, men are so enamoured with the Suicide Squad star they’re willing to pay £41,317 just to go on a date with her.

Most-desired for women is Luther star Idris Elba, who would command a fee of £20,379 according to figures released to The Sun.

In total 2,000 respondents took part in the survey which asked to put a monetary value onto priceless situations.

Men were seemingly more concerned with looks than women overall, saying they’d shell out £93,033 to have an attractive wife. Women put a price of £68,487 for a good-looking husband.

The most valuable commodity, however, was the ability to buy a completely new life. 51% of Brits polled said they’d pay £8.7 million for the privilege.

“The survey has shown Brits are willing to try to put a price on some priceless elements in life – but it is also interesting to see the small victories we value, like an unexpected freebie or a tax rebate are the moments we really love,” said QuidCo’s Vix Leyton.

Below are a selection of pricetags for the priceless:

  • A completely new life – £8.7 million
  • To have good health for you and your family – £3,177,048
  • To have a good-looking wife – £93,033
  • To have a good-looking husband – £68,487
  • To be super intelligent – £154,234
  • For your partner to never cheat – £164,859
  • To be better looking – £156,917
  • A date with Margot Robbie – £41,317
  • A date with Idris Elba – £20,379
  • To enjoy your job – £17,426
  • To have a good night’s sleep for a year – £10,853
  • To have well behaved children – £7,777
  • A rain free summer – £1,479
  • The perfect kiss – £572
  • A compliment from a stranger – £50
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