How Much It Costs To Complete The Panini World Cup 2018 Sticker Album

Maths Professor Paul Harper crunched the numbers - but does his theory stand up?

It’s the same every time: The World Cup comes along and, all of a sudden, grown men are returning to that beloved childhood habit of collecting stickers.

Shinies, team shots, stadiums, badly photo-shopped footballers and clandestine meetings to share swaps are all part and parcel of the Panini sticker album experience.

It’s a frantic race against friends and colleagues to collect all of the stickers on offer. To complete a page, a team or even the entire album.

But have you ever wondered how much all of this is setting you back?

According to maths expert Professor Paul Harper, it should take 967 packets, or 4,832 stickers, to complete the Panini World Cup 2018 Sticker album, costing a total of £773.60 – but is that entirely accurate?

MusicMagpie decided to test out the theory by opening 1,000 packs of Panini World Cup Stickers, which sounds both amazing and exhausting.

They wanted to see if they could find all 682 stickers they needed to complete the book and to found out the rarest players in the collection.

And, as it turns out, Professor Harper may have been wrong.

After wading through a whopping 5,000 stickers, worth £800, they could only find 681 out of the total 682 – the elusive Radja Nainggolan remains at large! (and he’s not even heading to the World Cup!)

While they didn’t manage to complete the book, they did manage to find out which players are the rarest and most common, as well as some other interesting statistics:

Aside from Belgium’s Radja Nainggolan, the rarest player to find was Tunisia’s Wahbi Khazri, with a 1 in 5,000 chance of appearing in a pack.

The most commonly found players are Iceland’s Björn Sigurdarson and Korea’s Nam Tae-hee – you’ve got a 1 in 313 chance of getting either of these players

Meanwhile, the easiest team to find every sticker for is Senegal, while the most difficult team to complete is Saudi Arabia (apart from Nainggolan’s Belgium!)

Now Music Magpie is passing on their knowledge with an interactive database of every single sticker, including information on the likelihood of finding them in your next pack.

Good luck collecting guys and remember: World Cup sticker collecting isn’t just for kids!

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