How Much Hangovers End Up Costing You Over The Course Of A Year

If these numbers don’t sober you up fast, nothing will.

Three stars from the Hangover.
Hangovers They happen. Image Warner Bros.

Sometimes it feels as though the weekend was designed specifically for boozing.

Everyone knows the drill: you meet up with mates on a Saturday, spend the evening (and maybe even the day) getting merry. You then wake up on the Sunday with a banging headache, an empty wallet and feelings of regret from the night before. It’s great, honest.

But new research put together by social payment app Circle may be about to put the kibosh on your drinking habits after revealing the true cost of the average hangover over the course of a year.

It’s sobering stuff, with the figures showing that the average hangover costs us a jaw-dropping £2,092 a year. Christ, that’s a lot more than loaded expected.

Some might scoff at such an astonishing number – but it all adds up. The average drinker spends around £29.70 on an average night out – a pretty conservative figure you’ll agree, with the real amount likely to be closer to double that. Or maybe that’s just us.

Anyway, the study also revealed around 35% of booze hounds end up splashing out on takeaway the next day at a cost of around £10.53. Damn you Domino’s.

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With most people going out once a week on average, it works out at around £2,092 per person each and every year or £45.3 billion a year for the entire UK population.

Keep that in mind next time you wake up feeling tender after a night on the tiles.

The costs of going out on the lash don’t end there either. Hands up who has lost something when they have been drunk? Thought so.

Keys, clothing and cash are the three most commonly lost items with lost cash along accounting for £72.96 per person over the course of a year or £3.9 billion for the entire UK population over the course of a year.

The study found that 18-34 year old millennials spend the most on drinking at an average of £35 a night, whereas 45+ year old baby boomers spend significantly less at £25.77.

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When asked what drinkers regret most after getting smashed the top seven laments from the Circle research read as follows:

  1. Spending too much money – 39%
  2. Drinking so much it’s made them vomit – 28%
  3. Falling over and injuring themselves – 11%
  4. Posting to their social media channels – 7%
  5. Having a one-night stand – 6%
  6. Texting an Ex – 5%
  7. Getting into a fight 4%

The social payments app Circle has been designed to curb the cost of a night out by keeping your money in check. By entering a friend’s phone number into Circle, you can easily request money for the fiver you lent them, the taxi fare home or, of course, their share of the hangover food the next day.

Because we all have that one mate who never carries cash with them. Tight git.

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