This Is How The McDonald’s Delivery Service Will Work In The UK

Fans have been given an indication of how the new fast-food takeaway service will work.

McDonald's entire rangeImage McDonald's

Fast food lovers now have a clear idea of how the soon-to-be-rolled out McDonald’s delivery service will operate.

McDonald’s is set to trial its brand new takeaway option this summer, with plans afoot to launch the service, initially on a trial basis, this June.

Until now, however, most Maccy Ds fans were in the dark as to how exactly the new delivery option would work.

Would fans be ordering via the McDonald’s website, over the phone or maybe via an app?

And who would be delivering the food? McDonald’s restaurant workers or another external service. Well, the answers have finally arrived.

Having already introduced the same delivery service in the US, it would appear that McDonald’s fanatics will be getting their Big Mac fix via the UberEats app.

McDonald's Big Mac
The Big Mac From McDonald's. Image McDonald's

One of several options on the popular takeaway delivery platform, UberEats is overseeing delivery across over 300 locations in the US at present.

And, should everything go smoothly, then it’s entirely likely that the same app will be home to the new McDonald’s service – initially at least.

The chances are that, once the trial proves a success, McDonald’s will focus on further developing their own app for customers to order from.

In any case, we’ll all be getting chicken McNuggets delivered to our doors by the boat load soon enough.

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