How Long Would It Take For Zombies To Destroy The Human Race?

Even Rick Grimes couldn't survive a real-life zombie outbreak.

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Would you back yourself to survive a zombie apocalypse?

We might all fancy ourselves as real-life Rick Grimes, but the fact is, none of us would stand a chance if we ever came under attack from the undead for real.

As The Mirror reports, a new study has found that the human race would last just 100 days if a zombie apocalypse were to take place in real life.

According to the worrying predictions, there would be just 273 survivors left after three months of zombie outbreak, meaning they’d be outnumbered a million to one by the undead.

The team estimated that each zombie would encounter a minimum of one survivor each day, and have a 90% chance of infecting them with a bite.

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The findings were modelled on the infections of real life diseases, and the hypothetical zombie outbreak was based on the spread rates of real bacteria and viruses.

The study was published in the Journal of Physics Special Topics and was conducted by zombie experts at Leicester University – which has to be the coolest job description ever.

The university said: “Without the ability for humankind to fight back against the undead hordes, the students’ calculations suggest that if global populations were equally distributed, in less than a year the human race might be wiped out.”

It all sounds pretty depressing, but the university also claimed that under unlikely conditions the human race could survive an outbreak, so long as a small number of them stay alive until the zombie population eventually die out.

It was recently revealed that the pentagon actually has emergency plans in place should a zombie apocalypse ever happen in real life, so there’s nothing to worry about… is there?

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