How A Dude’s Man Bun Got Him Thrown In The Slammer

Hipster felons beware

The only man bun we'll allow Jon Snow Image HBO

Despite numerous attempts by various media sources to make the ‘man bun’ happen, as Regina George famously said: “It’s not going to happen.” Even so, there’s a website dedicated to the thing. Oy.

To make matters worse for the coif. A study was conducted last year that discovered the man bun was the  ‘least desirable hairstyle’ on apps like Tinder, Bumble and Happn.

But it might just have a use yet. A man in Pittsburg was brought to justice recently after terrorising a neighbourhood by vandalising their cars. Apparently, he was ‘kicking the sides of cars and jumping on their side-view mirrors.’ Little shit.


Optimum Man Bun Image Pinterest


In a report by the Associated Press, the 22-year-old criminal, one Isaac Gettleman, is facing 36 counts of criminal mischief after he was identified by his – you guessed it – man bun.

In a prime case of shitting where you eat – Gettleman lives in the very same neighbourhood he tormented, so when a fellow resident name Erin saw him pop up on surveillance videos, she was able to point him out to police.

If you are a criminal, maybe try to be less conspicuous and douchey? Also, don’t be a criminal.

Speaking of criminal, ASOS are now selling men’s chokers. What is the world coming to?

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