Video: Hoverbikes Have Arrived And They Are Scary As Hell

You might lose a leg riding one of these things

Back to the drawing board guys. Image Hoversurf

A brand new and very different kind of hoverbike has arrived and it looks terrifying to say the least.

Hoversurf, a Russian startup company has created the Scorpion-3, an electric bike powered by four drones featuring some seriously sharp and unprotected propellers.

Despite the potential dangers, the company states that the bike is safe and the rider won’t be chopped in half or lose a leg, thanks to  “state of the art flight controllers, special logical programming and passive elements with computer aided speed and altitude limiting.”

Additionally, it comes with a nifty flying suit that includes knee pads and braces and a chest protector, in case you fall off. [via Engadget]

The hover bike or ‘quadcopter’ was initially developed with the extreme sports market in mind but the company hopes that eventually, we’ll be zipping around on these choppers, hopefully avoiding collisions.

Hoversurf is also known for their ‘drone taxi,’ which they hope will one day be used as a ‘daily commute solution.’

This isn’t the first hover-bike to make it onto the market, last year YouTube inventor Colin Furze built his version of a hoverbike, though slightly less sleek that Hoversurf’s it still does the job for moments at a time and it comes with large propeller covers. Safety first.

It seems the future is closer than we think.

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