Housecreep Will Tell You If Someone’s Been Murdered In Your Home

Grim, absolutely grim.

Bates Motel
Psycho killer Bates Motel's mansion housed some horrible deeds. Image A&E Networks

Moving house can be a stressful time. Finding a new home, packing your life away and upping sticks takes some effort – and it pays to be thorough when it comes to picking your new destination.

Of course, lives are lived within four walls and any home will have a unique history of its own. That could include grisly incidents too awful to think about – and the last thing you want is to rock up in a place that’s got bloody baggage.

Step forward Housecreep, a vast database created by Canadian brothers Albert and Robert Armieri that boasts the tagline: “Where walls talk – murder houses, grow ops, sketchy apartments, haunted houses and other stigmatised properties exposed.”

Take, for instance, a trip through Housecreep’s search of Los Angeles and you’ll be confronted with a lengthy list of housing info. Here are the first five that show up…

  • 1428 N. Genesse Ave – The Nightmare on Elm Street House
  • 2101 S. Gramercy Pl – Marvin Gaye shot by his own father
  • 3400 Wilshire Blvd – Robert F Kennedy shot at Ambassador Hotel
  • 1540 E. 42nd St – Walter Hernandez shooting cold case
  • 101 N. Brachwood Dr – Elderly woman fatally stabbed in her bed

The bulk of the listings are confined to the US and Canada, but a quick search of the UK reveals that a house in Dundee, Scotland, was the location of a grisly murder – Henry John Gallagher broke into the home and bludgeoned a doctor and his wife to death with a hammer.

All pretty twisted and grim, right?

Housecreep might just be the weirdest real estate site that’s going.

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