Hotline: The Awkward Dating App That Makes You Call Your Matches

When that hotline bling, that can only mean one thing.

A picture of two people walking hand in hand

Dating can be awkward at the best of times, but a new matchmaking service has introduced a feature which is about to make it more cringe-worthy than ever before.

Whereas most apps consist mainly of matching and messaging perspective dates, a new service called Hotline actually requires users to speak on the phone.

It’s a pretty horrifying thought, but customers looking for love actually have to talk to people for a whole five minutes before they’re allowed to message them.

Most of the time with internet dating, people can message for long periods of time and even meet up having never spoken to each other, which makes Hotline a pretty unique prospect.

On a positive note, users needn’t risk handing out their numbers either, as the calls take place via the app and personal details are never revealed.

Promising a more personal approach to the whole online dating thing, the service limits users to three matches at a time, which must mean you’re probably more likely to meet and get to know them, right?

Sound intrigued? Well, unfortunately, Hotline is currently only available in New York on iOS, and it’s pretty pricey too – costing $9 a month.

It’s not the only unconventional dating service that’s gained popularity recently. Hater is a dating app which actually brings people together based on their collective dislikes, which sounds very appealing to loaded.

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