How much does Homer earn? The Simpsons dad’s salary revealed

This is what you get for working at a nuclear panner plant.

Homer Simpson
"D'oh!" Beer and doughnuts, the Homer Simpson essentials. Image Picture 20th Century Fox

Ever wondered how much Homer Simpson earns?

Despite limited IQ and a can’t-do attitude, things seem to be pretty cushty for The Simpsons patriarch. He has a family, a home and sits comfortably in America’s middle-class.

Now, a new video essay from Vox has gone into great detail about Homer’s yearly salary. The season seven episode Much Apu About Nothing gives viewers a close-up look at his payslip, revealing that Homer’s pretax weekly pay is $479.60.

That works out as $11.99 an hour, which in turn is an annual salary of $24,395. Adjust that number for inflation and you have Homer on $37,416 in 2016.

The US national average is $48,320, putting Homer lower than the rest of America. However, Springfield is reportedly based on the town of Springfield, Oregon, and there his $37k per annum puts him bang in the middle of middle class earners.

The video – called Homer Simpson: An economic analysis – also takes into account Homer’s myriad other jobs. Whether it’s being a food critics, a CEO or a carny, Homer is still representative of the US middle class and the country’s stagnating wages.

Watch Vox’s Homer Simpson: An economic analysis below for the full story:

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