Long-lost Ghostbusters Scenes Discovered By Ivan Reitman

Dan Akyroyd and Reitman are promising fans a glimpse very soon

ghost busters
I ain't afraid of no ghost Aren't we all? Image Columbia Pictures

Three unreleased scenes from the original Ghostbusters movie have been discovered by the film’s director, Ivan Reitman.

Ghost Corps the company and division of Columbia Pictures headed up by Reitman and Dan Aykroyd, two of the creators responsible for the iconic Ghostbusters series revealed the new discoveries on Facebook  and are promising to release the footage in the near future.

The three reels are labelled, ‘Honeymooners,’ ‘Bill Murray,’ and ‘Fort Demering’ and have fans buzzing as Fort Demering is likely an alternative and extended cut of the famous ‘Ray has ghost sex,’ scene. 

Ghost Corps/Facebook

The ‘Honeymooners,’ clip has been released before – where Slimer terrifies a couple staying at the hotel, but it is likely that the newly-discovered footage offers an extended version of that scene.



The Bill Murray reel is probably the most intriguing of all, and has the internet stumped though if Dr. Venkman is involved it’s likely to be worth watching.

The latest female-driven Ghostbusters film just came out on Blu-Ray and DVD so we wonder why Ghost Corps decided to choose this moment to tease us with this precious throwback.

Columbia Pictures

Perhaps a way to maintain the glory that was and will always be the original. All we know is we can’t wait for these scenes to be released.

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