Hodor-themed Game of Thrones doorstops already available online

Spoiler alert: A doorstop featuring the Game of Thrones favourite will set you back a bit

Hodor Image HBO

Warning: Before reading this post you should probably make sure you are completely up to date with Game of Thrones.

Because there will be spoilers. Lots of them.

Game of Thrones fans looking to celebrate the life and times of Hodor can now do so courtesy of a specially made doorstop featuring the big man’s cuddly visage.

Viewers were left distraught this week after Hodor – a character best known for being super strong and saying the word “Hodor” at every waking moment – seemingly sacrificed himself to ensure Bran Stark successfully escaped from a White walker Zombie invasion.

And if the last bit of that sentence makes little in the way of sense to you then, sorry, there’s far too much to explain and only 300 words to do it in.

Anyway, with Hodor becoming a sacrificial doorstop, it seemed only logical that someone, somewhere would come up with a way of paying tribute to the big man.

Still, we did not expect it to be this quick and we did not expect it to, quite literally, be a doorstop.

Welcome to the future
Welcome to the future What world do we live in? Image Etsy

Available to purchase on Etsy, the Hodor-themed doorstop is far from cheap though with a hefty £20 price tag slapped on what is essentially a wedge of wood.

That has not stopped some 40 Games of Thrones fans from purchasing this bizarre bit of Hodor-focused wedgery.

Whoever these people are, we can only imagine the number of times they plan on saying “Hold the Door” in relation to their new purchase.  

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