Singles Can Now Hire Someone To Flirt For Them On Their Dating Apps

There’s a growing demand for dating-app ghostwriters too

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Do you fancy yourself as something of a wordsmith when it comes to flirting with a potential partner on dating apps like Tinder? If the answer is yes, then a lucrative second career could await.

Because singles are increasingly enlisting “dating-app ghostwriters” to help not only craft suave and sophisticated responses to random messages but also profiles and dating bios as a whole.

Those with a way with words are being richly rewarded too. Meredith Golden, a dating-app ghostwriter operating out of New York charges around £700 a month for the service.

She only takes on 12 clients at a time, according to an interview with NyMag, but has been able to not only land a steady source of additional income but, hopefully, set a few people up with Mr or Mrs Right.

Interestingly, she has some pretty strict rules when it comes to how she communicates with potential partners online.

The man should always do the asking out, for starters, and she never, under any circumstances, uses emojis. That second point is probably worth noting.

Anyway, the birth of this strange new side industry over in the US could result in an explosion of similar services in the UK

Imagine if Jennifer Lawrence was on Tinder.
Tinder Jennifer Lawrence is not on Tinder. Image Tinder

Of course, there will be those that question the ethics of essentially paying someone to create a more polished version of yourself.

And surely potential partners might notice something is off when they meet the person behind the witty replies.

Then again, all is fair in love and war.

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