Hinds: ‘We can be as big as The Strokes’

The much-hyped Madrid-based band on beginning a new chapter on the back of their debut album, Leave Me Alone.

Hinds head out on tour after releasing their debut album Leave Me Alone – Loaded
Gang of four Hinds ooze the gang mentality they previously portrayed in videos like that for Chili Town, on their debut album. Image Photo Jesse Fox

Ana García Perrote and Amber Grimbergen of Hinds are knackered.

But who can blame them after a four-day trip that started in New York and took stops in Paris and Madrid – which included an after-party at a friend’s gig in their home city – before ending in London.

Arriving at 3am this morning following a 20-hour ferry journey across a storm-ridden English Channel (one that saw both of them stuck in their rooms due to travel sickness) they perch on the edge of the sofa in their hotel room. Each clutching a Capri Sun, they’ve subsequently managed only five-hours sleep after a weekend that would put most people in bed for a week.

“We missed breakfast. But this is just a normal day for us to be honest,” Perrote laughs. “Apart from maybe the puking.”

“Every time we’ve set goals we’ve gone way further than them, so anything can happen now”

After spending a year as one of the most hyped bands on the planet in 2015, Hinds released their debut album Leave Me Alone last week. And despite the lack of sleep, they say they still loving talking about the record, and say there’s no boundary to how far they can go off the back of it.

“There’s no limit,” says Perrote. “Every time we’ve set ourselves goals we’ve gone way further than them. So anything can happen, we’re ready to fight for every opportunity. We want to catch all the trains that come. We’ll do everything that we can, so that’s the only limit on us now.

Hinds released Leave Me Alone earlier this month – Loaded
The sky’s the limit Puking and world domination is all in a day’s work for Hinds. Image Photo Aaron Serrano

“There are only a few bands in the world that we love everything about, like The Strokes,” she continues. “We know it’s hard to be one of those bands, but we think we can do it.”

On Leave Me Alone the band ooze the gang mentality they previously portrayed in videos like the one for Chili Town. And the interplay between Perrote and Grimbergen suggests this continues off-stage as well as on, with the pair sharing in-jokes and laughing at each other as they talk.

“Blood, sweat, tears; literally everything we have is in the band”

After Hinds meet Loaded they play their album launch party at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, London, and the reaction to their new songs there is palpable. For Warts, the crowd belt out every word of its chorus and during San Diego, a crowd surfer finds his way to the front of the crowd. In a venue more associated with cocktail drinking than riotous garage pop, that’s impressive.

This week the band kick off their world tour proper at Le Grand Mix in France before heading off around Europe. They return to the UK for a string of shows through February, and it’s a tour that marks the beginning in the biggest chapter of the Hinds story to date.

Long muted as one of indie’s next big success stories, the band started off as a two-piece called Deers. That was made up of the two vocalists for Hinds, Perrote and Carlotta Cosials, whose interplay is what the majority of the music is based upon.

They subsequently added drummer Grimbergen and bassist Ade Martín, before being forced to change their name to Hinds due to legal reasons in late 2014. Now the four-piece from Madrid are making real on those claims for success.

So do they have any targets for 2016 off the back of Leave Me Alone?

“To kill the world and save rock and roll,” Perrote laughs. “We’ve been playing the same set list for a year-and-a-half now so we’re just really excited to see how people react to the new stuff.

“It’s hard to be hungover and function in a band, but we’re hungover because we want to party”

“We’re crazy about this life and this project. Hinds is more than just a band. Everything from us is in it. Our blood, sweat, tears; literally everything we have is in the band.”

Following the tour Hinds have a slot at Reading & Leeds already confirmed, and the band say they already have a number of other festivals booked too. They won’t be drawn on which, but it’s the summer circuit where they could really propel themselves into being one of the biggest things in guitar music this year.

Despite saying the sky is the limit for them now, on Leave Me Alone the Madrid-based girls kept the distinctly lo-fi sound of original singles Bamboo and Trippy Gum for the recording of the album. Resisting the temptation to spend big on studios and producers.

Hinds head out on their world tour this month – Loaded
Leave Me Alone Perrote, left, says the band want to keep their feet on the ground despite the accolades placed on them after only one album. Image Photo Aaron Serrano

“We didn’t see the point of doing it,” Perrote explains. “We really wanted to keep the fresh and honest sound of our previous material. After the album nobody’s going to remember what came before so we just asked friends to come to our practice space and then recorded everything with a microphone and a laptop.

“Even if we feel like we’ve been touring for ages and we’re already huge, it’s still only our first record.”

One thing the band admit has changed is their tour van.

“We’ve really been touring below the limit before,” Perrote says.

“We didn’t have any money to eat or anywhere to sleep. We’ve slept on so many floors in the past, got sick, were starving and stinking all the time. It’s not that I regret any of it as it was great, and if we hadn’t done it we wouldn’t be where we are.

“It’s not like we travel in jets now but everything is getting easier little by little,” she continues.

“It’s tough as we want to live it while we’re here, and it’s hard to be hungover and function in a band, but we’re hungover because we want to party. I do wish we could have a washing machine with us, but it’s still great fun.

Leave Me Alone is out now via Lucky Number Music. Hinds play the following UK tour dates:

February 15 , The Junction, Cambridge
16, Norwich Arts Centre
17, Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
18, Koko, London
20 , Gorilla, Manchester
21, Stereo, Glasgow
22, Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
23, Hare & Hounds, Birmingham
24, The Fleece, Bristol
26, Patterns (formerly Audio), Brighton

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