Hilarious Pranksters Host A Full Blown Rave On The London Underground

Well, that's one way to spend your commute...

Rave on the London Underground
Rave party on the London Underground Image YouTube/Trollstation

There are only three certainties in life – death, taxes and boring journeys on the London underground.

Commuters in the capital spend HUGE amounts of time travelling on the tube every year, staring ahead, desperately trying to avoid eye contact with strangers – in fact the thought of actually interacting with other people on the tube in any way fills most Londoners with dread.

That all changed recently though, after hilarious prankers decided to host a full blown rave on the underground.

Commuters on the Bakerloo Line got a huge surprise earlier this week, after MC Harry Shotta played a DJ set on the actual tube itself.

The rave had everything – MCs, disco light, sound system… the whole shebang. Watch the incredible clip below:

Judging by the clip, not everyone seemed impressed with the stunt, but most commuters were well onboard with it, and danced away.

The stunt was organised by prank group Trollstation, who also crashed an episode of the X Factor last year too.

Inevitably, the police were called, and the rave was shut down. However, the rave had already brightened up weary commuters on their way home and made the tube a friendlier place.

Rave on London. Rave on.

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