Hikea: The YouTube Channel Where People Take LSD And Try To Assemble Ikea Furniture

Building Ikea furniture is tough enough when you are sober. It must be even worse on LSD.

Building furniture on Hikea.Image Hikea

Building Ikea furniture.

Three simple words that will probably have you wincing at the memory of an entire day lost to the arguments and chaos that accompany this kind of activity.

Flat pack furniture is supposed to be user friendly. It’s supposed to be easy to build. It’s supposed to be a fun activity to do with a loved one. It’s none of those things.

But it could be worse: you could be attempting to put together a beechwood Poang while under the influence of Class A drugs.

That’s essentially the idea behind Hikea, a YouTube channel created to “document the experiences of regular people – high on drugs like LSD or magic mushrooms – attempting to build well-priced furniture.”

Each episode introduces a new drug to the mix, with two hapless volunteers filmed experiencing the highs and lows of building furniture while ridiculously high.

It’s an hilariously inspired concept of course, as this first episode demonstates.

Each episode introduces a new drug, new characters, a new Ikea puzzle. And we get to witness the highs and lows of these brave souls as they embark on the nearly impossible.

It this instance, YouTubers Giancarlo and Nicole are filming attempting to put together a dresser while under the influence of Lysergic acid diethylamide or LSD.

What follows is bizarre and brilliant in equal measure, with the pair going through quite the journey to build this particular piece of bedroom furniture.

And while they do eventually pull it off, building the dresser to an adequate standard, it does take them a whopping three hours and 53 minutes. That’s a lot of contemplating on the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

That’s only the first episode too. In the second episode, some hapless bloke tries to build a desk while high on mushrooms.

That ends up taking even longer and he skips a lot of important steps.

Don’t do drugs and Ikea, kids!

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