These Are The Ways Food Can Affect Your Sex Life

Some of these food choices might surprise you...

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Food and sex go together more than you thought... Image y MGM/UA Entertainment Company

Food and sex tend to go together pretty well, chocolate and oysters have been hailed as aphrodisiacs, sploshing is a well-practiced fetish, and there are countless edible sex products on the market. Eating and sex are simply indulgences we enjoy partaking in.

However, the health app Lifesum has discovered exactly what people eat before and after sex, and a few interesting foods have popped up, additions included unique choices like potatoes and tomatoes.

Just how much does food affect sex? It turns out potatoes aren’t too bad a choice to consume before the act. Due to their energy boosting power – and we all know, a good session requires stamina.

Recipe This

“They contain plenty of magnesium, vitamin C, and iron, resulting in a slow release of energy,” somatic sex educator Pamela Madsen told Refinery29.

Other pre-sex approved foods include bananas, apples, avocados, figs and oysters due to their testosterone increasing qualities. Apples are full of free radicals which help with blood flow thereby raising libido.

One food you should DEFINITELY avoid is cheese. The dairy product affects hormone levels in both men and women which could lower the sex drive significantly. Men should especially avoid mint. Apparently, it contains within it properties that lower testosterone which makes standing at attention pretty difficult.

Post-coital foods include yogurt, eggs, and salmon to replenish the system and water; fluids are lost after all. Hint, hint.

Serious Eats

Madsen explained to Refinery29 that we should be more mindful of how we pair food and nookie,

“If we pay attention, we can become sommeliers, matching food and sex the way we match wine and sex,“ she said.

Food for thought next time you dive into bed with someone.

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