Here’s How You Can Be Sting For A Night And Achieve A Tantric Orgasm

Every little thing you'll do will be magic

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Sting first brought the tantric orgasm to the attention of the world, when 20 years ago he drunkenly claimed during an interview with Bob Geldof that he could have sex for over seven hours at a time thanks to this ancient method. Ugh.

Truly, tantric sex is a 5,000-year-old practice that originated from Hinduism. Tantra involves ‘the weaving and expansion of energy.’ It’s a slower form of sex that allows for a stronger connection between mind and body which can result in a very, very happy ending.



How does one achieve a tantra-inspired orgasm? GoodtoKnow offered up some tips.




Turn the lights down low.



Shake it off, put on some Taylor Swift and shimmy and wiggle until your body feels loose and supple.



Stay away from the bed; everyone assumes this is where the magic happens. Not so much. According to Tantra, this is where you sleep – so go somewhere that will energise you a little more.



Move around each others’ bodies on the floor like a pair of horny boa constrictors.



Start feeling up each other using light strokes, massages, and touches. Whip out a feather and go to town.



Match each others’ breathing but try not to pass out from all the inhaling and exhaling.



When it’s time to get down to it, one of the more common methods of tantric sex is sitting face to face, pressing into each other. Then slowly move until you’ve achieved a super intense and mindful orgasm. 




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