Here’s How To Avoid A Hangover, According To Science

Experts have worked out how to beat the booze forever.

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For years, it was accepted that hangovers were an unavoidable part of life, but all that might be about to change.

A new scientific study has been conducted, which might have found the secret to avoiding hangovers forever.

According to Tonic, there are many misconceptions about hangovers, including when it actually kicks in.

People may think a bad head begins in the morning after a heavy drinking session, but it actually starts in the four or five hours after you first consume alcohol, when your blood alcohol level drops back down to zero.

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The study also purports that drinking a glass of water for every beer you have with prevent a hangover is a total myth.

According to Raymond F. Anton, from the Alcohol Research Center at the Medical University of South Carolina: “It really does not matter when you stop drinking, but it does matter what your BAC is when you stop.”

So, how do you avoid a bad head? The advice says that drinking a pint every hour will give your body time to metabolise to the booze in your system.

The research also claims you should avoid clear spirits like vodka and tequila, which are lacking in toxic congeners, which helps your body break the alcohol down.

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Finally, you need to make sure you get plenty of sleep. Staying up until really late isn’t going to help you avoid a bad head in the morning.

So, there you have it. The key to avoiding a hangover is drinking responsibly and going to bed early – who knew.

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