Here’s Everything We Know So Far About The Next Series Of Black Mirror

What's happening in season 4?

Bryce Dallas Howard in Black Mirror on Netflix.
Bryce Dallas Howard In Black Mirror Image Netflix

Black Mirror made its Netflix debut back in October last year, and while the third season was a little patchy at times, when it delivered, it REALLY delivered.

After two series on Channel 4, Charlie Brooker’s dystopian drama transitioned well to the new US platform, and took on a huge new wave of fans as a result.

A few months on, and fans are impatient for more. But what can people expect from Black Mirror season four later this year? Here’s everything you need to know:


When’s it being released?

So when’s it back? Well, a release date has yet to be officially confirmed, but we can be pretty sure the six new episodes will be released in October, just like season three.

Where’s the trailer?

An official trailer hasn’t been released yet, but this creepy video – featuring House of Cards star Michael Kelly – was posted by the Black Mirror Twitter account at the end of last year. Does this mean Kelly could be starring in the new season? *crosses fingers*

What can we expect?

The last season of the show featured a real mix of genres (sci-fi drama, rom-com, horror…) and it sounds like the new show will be similarly varied. Speaking to The Telegraph, Brooker explained there will be a comedy episode, a crime thriller episode , and an “indie drama” episode.


It’s going to be funnier than before

Speaking during the same interview, Brooker also said that the new season will be funnier than the dark Black Mirror episodes that have come before. It sounds like he plans to exercise some of his comic chops with the new run, which can only be a good thing.

“We’ve got some strikingly different tones and looks,” he said. “We’ve got one that’s overtly comic, much more overtly comic than anything we’ve done. It’s got fairly mainstream comic elements, but also some really unpleasant stuff that happens.”


Where’s it set?

“I’ve got to be slightly careful about what I say. But one’s shooting in Iceland, which hasn’t been announced yet,” Brooker told The Telegraph.

So, it looks like we’re heading to Scandinavia with the new series, and it would make sense that that’s where the “crime thriller” is set. After all, no-one does a grim murder mystery quite like the Scandinavians.

Who’s involved?  

New Black Mirror director Jodie Foster
Jodie Foster Image Getty Images

The show is a big hit for the streaming service, and it’s only right that it’s attracting some A-list names. It was previously announced that Jodie Foster is directing an episode of season four. She’ll team up with Mad Men star Rosemarie DeWitt for the episode.

“That’s more got the tone of an indie movie, an indie drama,” Brooker said. “There’s a mother and daughter relationship in it.”

The Road director John Hillcoat is also directing an episode

One of the director’s more notoriously dark directors is on board too. John Hillcoat, who director 2009’s grim Cormac McCarthy adaptation The Road, will helm an episode called Crocodile. Andrea Riseborough is also rumored to be starring.

There won’t be a San Junipero 2 

One of the highlights of season three was sci-fi love story San Junipero, but sadly, Kelly and Yorkie won’t be returning for a follow up episode.

“I’m terrified of San Junipero in a way, because I think we sort of captured lightening in a bottle there,” Brooker explained to The Telegraph. 

“You try and think, okay, that went really well, what else can we do? But you’ve got to then immediately put everything you think of out of your mind, because you can’t really do the same thing again.”

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