Here’s Everything We Know So Far About American Gods

This show is exactly what TV needs

The new promo poster for American Gods. So exciting. Image Starz

The much anticipated fantasy series American Gods is almost here.

Based on the best-selling novel American Gods by Neil Gaiman, the show is premiering on the Starz channel on April 30. The book itself is complex and chock full of a wide array of colourful characters – It will interesting to see how Gaiman has reconstructed it for TV screens. [via Vanity Fair]

Either way, we can’t wait. The trailer is out and a new poster for the series has been released, based on what we’ve seen so far 2017 is definitely going to suck less.


Why Starz?

The show’s original home was over at HBO, but after multiple script changes and a revolving door of writers, the studio wasn’t satisfied. So they dumped it. Starz quickly snapped it up and now the rest is history.

The casting is ethnically accurate


Neil Gaiman was steadfast about getting this part of the story right. Since the story’s narrative revolves around immigration, specifically when it comes to the back stories of the various Gods and how they got to America.

It was important to include a multi-cultural cast. Key players are Egyptian, Russian, Irish, Norse, Indian, Algonquian, and African. 

Who’s in it?

British actor Ricky Whittle plays the lead Shadow Moon and apparently gained over 30 pounds of muscle to play the former conman. His wife Linda, is played by Emily Browning. Mr. Wednesday and/or Odin is being brought to life by the brilliant Ian McShane.

There are also a majority of newcomers and of course veterans like Crispin Glover, Cloris Leachman and Gillian Anderson who plays the god, Media. She’s going to kill it.

Coin tricks feature big time


Based on the trailer, there will be lots. One of Shadow’s main character traits is his penchant for a coin trick or two. Plus we get a glimpse at leprechaun Mad Sweeney’s resurrecting gold coin slipping into Linda’s grave.


Will we see a man being consumed by a vagina?


Yes, the memorable character of Bilquis and/or the Eastern goddess of erotic love played by newcomer Yetide Badaki will be taking an entire human male into her nether regions. This is happening.


How true to the book is it?

According to Neil Gaiman, only a third of the book is approached in the first season. The next two seasons will be full of an expanded story. Not much will be missing but a whole lot will be added, under Gaiman’s watchful eye.

American Gods debuts April 30 on Starz. 

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