These Are The Foods That Can Cause, And Prevent, Impotence

Turns out, you can't just eat anything and hope for the best.

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Impotence, that dreaded enemy. It’s always there, lurking, and it attacks men when they least expect it. Or can it be avoided?

Truth be told, male impotence doesn’t just show up. What you eat (and don’t) is a great influence on how you ‘perform’. If you want to know what kind of diet you should lead to be a stud, here at loaded we have compiled a list to help you.


The main issue with male impotence is the obstruction of the liver, which reduces the levels of testosterone, and high blood pressure. These are the foods that cause it:


Fast food. Sodas, burgers, chips, pizza, fried food… It causes weight gain, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. All this forces the body to produce lower levels of testosterone. They are all made with trans-fat, which is what causes high cholesterol and malnutrition, also incresing the levels of estrogens in men.


Processed foods. So, this is everything that comes in a container, like ready meals. It has high levels of salt, which is not exactly great for the heart and also causes high blood pressure, and we know where that leads… You will think twice before eating that pizza you’ve been keeping in the freezer.


Desserts and sweets. They taste great, but they are a bomb filled with refined sugar, which is made with phosphoric acid, formic acid, sulphur dioxide and whitening additives. Doesn’t sound so great when said out loud, does it?

Not that we don’t already know this, but consuming desserts and sweets mean we gain weight, lose energy, the liver starts malfunctioning and the minerals and vitamins in our body begin to fade. Catastrophic, basically.

For erections, the effects are terrible, as the weight gain reduces both testosterone and circulation, and the lack of vitamins and minerals causes an imbalance that slowly develops into male impotence.


Whole-wheat flour. As with white sugar, this flour experiments the same whitening process that can prove fatal long-term. All the carbohydrate foods made with this flour alter the metabolism (and again, weight gain), which will eventually become the cause of impotence.


Soya. It has been proved that soya products contain oestrogens, and if you do the math, having a high level of female hormones in the body can make men gain not only overall weight, but also weight focused on the chest area, as well as the dreaded impotence.

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But there is light at the end of the tunnel! If you have been consuming these foods all your life and are now pretty scared, you can turn this around with this list of foods that help you fight the dreaded impotence:


L-arginine.  It might sound weird, but L-arginine is known as the natural Viagra. It makes your body produce more nitric oxid, which makes the blood flow more easily.  L-arginine can be found in lean meats, dairy, fish and shellfish.


Nuts. Just like that. If you eat walnuts or peanuts every day, you will basically be taking omega-3 fatty acids, which unclog your arteries and improve your body’s blood circulation. And even better, they increase the level of testosterone, so it’s a win-win – but don’t take too many nuts, only a handful in the morning, as nuts in excess could be harmful because of the fat in them.

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Fish. Besides the L-arginine and the omega-3, fish contains zinc and magnesium, which are minerals the body needs to produce testosterone. You’ll be just fine if you eat fish twice or three times a week.


Fruit and vegetables. This might sound very vague, but every fruit and vegetable is extremely beneficial to your body and its everyday consume will improve blood circulation like nothing else, thus making you fit and ready to go!

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