Five Millennial Gadgets Trending On Amazon Right Now

One-click trick ponies

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Last year, a study was widely circulated because it implied that millennials, in particular, aren’t having enough sex. This is surprising considering their apparent notoriety for being a bit of a motley crew.

According to an article on, ‘Some show concern, and cite the millennial generation’s technological immersion as a major culprit for its cooling-off.’

We agree, and this is no more apparent than in the amount of time they/we spend shopping, especially on Amazon which was recently named ‘the most relevant brand to millennials’ in a survey reported on by Geek Wire. That one-click shopping – it’s a black hole of consumerism. 

Nevertheless, we found a list of the trending ‘millennial’ products on Amazon right now thanks to Bustle. Say what you want about the millennial horde – but they know how to spot the next big thing. Here are a few selections that we think are worthy of a shout out.

Would you buy any of these?





When you’re exhausted you don’t care about looking ridiculous, this product cushions your entire head and neck so you can snooze anywhere. 




VicTsing Wood Grain Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser



These seem to very big with the yungins’ at the moment, its a top seller on Amazon. Whisper quiet and mood lifting. 




Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier




Meant for small dogs and cats (don’t try to stuff your labrador in here folks). This Eco and animal friendly bag means you can take your little buddy with you wherever you go. 



Giant Inflatable Pizza 



These pool floats are all over Instagram, everyone and their mother seems to be floating on a unicorn, swan or food item.



Crosley Nomad Three Speed USB Enabled Vinyl Turntable



This portable turn-table brings a vintage vibe with a modern twist. You can hook it up to your Macbook. 




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