Heidi Klum Clones Herself For Most Incredible Halloween Outfit Yet

The supermodel just won Halloween all over again.

Heidi Klum
Heidi Klum The supermodel revealed her amazing look on the red carpet Image Instagram/heidiklum

There were some pretty incredible Halloween costumes on display this year, but nothing gets close to Heidi Klum’s new outfit.

The German–born supermodel, who’s always made a huge effort when it comes to Halloween, actually cloned herself for a party last night (October 31) and stepped onto the red carpet with five doubles.

Heidi revealed her most amazing outfit yet at her 17th Annual Halloween Party in New York.

Check out her amazing new look below:

Her five accomplices all wore prosthetic masks, and identical outfits to the Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The incredible look was revealed in dramatic style, with the models emerging from a large crate marked ‘Made in Germany’.

Are you seeing double, triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple?! #Ready #HeidiHalloween courtesy of @bookingcom

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It’s the latest show-stopping costume from Klum, who dressed as a real-life Jessica Rabbit last year.

She has also appeared as an inside-out muscle system, an old lady and the biblical forbidden fruit in the past.

Relive some of Heidi Klum’s past outfits below:

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