From Boogie Nights to Bowfinger: Heather Graham’s sexiest moments

Chris Martin’s alleged squeeze rarely holds back at baring all on the big screen.

Heather Graham poses for a picture.
Golden Graham The Boogie Nights star is back in the headlines. Image Getty

It’s been years since Heather Graham was a big draw at the box office, with 2013’s Hangover Part III possibly the last time most moviegoers would have seen her on the big screen.

An appearance on Netflix series Flaked offered a glimpse of Graham looking fit and well. And we could be seeing a lot more of Roller Girl in the coming months, after she was snapped enjoying a beach stroll alongside Chris Martin.

Not that we haven’t seen our fair share of golden Graham over the years, with the American rarely holding back when it comes to flashing the flesh.

While the movies themselves are a mixed bag, the 46-year-old has rarely disappointed.


Boogie Nights

Paul Thomas Anderson’s breakthrough hit helped establish Graham as a rising star more than willing to push the envelope to reach the top – as Burt Reynolds’ sleazy movie producer discovered in the tale of Mark Wahlberg and his crazy prosthetic penis.



Bowfinger was never going to win any awards, but it did at least mark a return to something approaching funny for both Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy. Graham was on top form too in a role that seemingly sent up women in Hollywood. Murphy’s face in the clip above says it all.


Anger Management

Will there ever come a day when we get to see Adam Sandler’s sizeable moobs?

Perhaps not, but there does seem to be something distinctly unfair about the number of stunning actresses forces to strip down for his movies while he mooches around in a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms. Graham does give it her all in Anger Management, though.


At Any Price

Made during that phase in his career where Zac Efron was desperately trying to shake off his High School Musical tag by starring in a load of films where the plot centered on his shagging an older woman, At Any Price teamed Efron up with Graham for a bit of shutter-based romping.

Altogether now: we’re all in this together…



If there’s one thing Graham has loved over the years, it’s a good old lesbian session.

There are at least one, two, three, four other great examples of this on YouTube, but we’ve plumped for this scene from Compulsion (no, us neither) in which Roller Girl gets down and dirty with Trinity from the Matrix.

That’s Carrie-Anne Moss, folks, and that’s also a fanboy’s dream right there. And possibly Chris Martin’s.

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