The World’s First ‘Healthy’ Bacon Is Hitting Supermarket Shelves

The new bacon alternative is free from carcinogenic nitrates.

Image Picture UK Space Agency (Max Alexander). Star City, Moscow.

A new type of cured bacon product is set to hit supermarket shelves this month – one free from harmful carcinogenic nitrates.

Studies have previously highlighted the link between bacon consumption and certain types of cancer, due to the way traditional bacon is flavoured using nitrates.

These nitrates were previously added to give bacon a familiar pink colour, texture and flavour but the World Health Organisation has warned that it cane be as dangerous to the body as asbestos and smoking.

Thankfully, Finnebrogue has achieved a major breakthrough in bacon technology that could change the way we enjoy the meat forever.

Working closely with Spanish chemist Prosur, they have successfully development a type of bacon that does away with the use of nitrates in favour of a special combination of natural Mediterranean fruit and spice extracts.

Inspired by the same approach take to ham on the continent, the newly-created Naked Bacon is the result of some ten years of research and development and is also free from preservatives, E numbers and all allergens.

This is basically about as healthy as bacon is ever going to get.

Juan de Dios Hernandez Canovas, Chief Executive of the Spanish company Prosur which developed the meat-led technology, said: “Our processing technology and natural flavouring mean nitrites are no longer required in processed meats.”

bacon toaster

Professor Chris Elliott, chair for the Institute for Global Food Security at Queen’s University Belfast, said:

“Finnebrogue have used a combination of innovation and natural fruit and spice extracts to come up with a bacon that is made without the need for added nitrites. Nitro containing compounds, used in the manufacture of traditional bacons, are known to cause the formation of chemicals that have negative health impacts.

“To have a bacon produced naturally, that doesn’t require such chemicals to be added or formed during processing, is a very welcome development.”

With the new Naked Bacon set to arrive in shops like Marks & Spencer from January 10, it would appear that we are on the cusp of an exciting and healthy new dawn for meat lovers everywhere.

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