Hater: The Dating App Bring People Together Through Mutual Dislikes

Because it’s so much more fun to dislike things anyway.

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We are living in the age of “likes” and, quite frankly, loaded can’t stand it.

Social media hardly helps, with users desperate to not only share pictures and comments that they “like” online but also eager to like as much of their mates own inane “likeable” content as possible.

Then there is online dating, with apps like Tinder based around whether you “like” the look of someone while other platforms match people based on their mutual likes.

It’s almost too much to bear in the UK, a nation better known for sounding off about the slightest little thing rather than celebrating even the smallest victory.

Thank goodness, then, for the arrival of Hater; a dating app that matches people based on their mutual dislikes.

Because, as anyone in their right mind will tell you, it’s so much more fun to talk about something you hate rather than something you like.

From bad movies to dodgy politics – we all love complaining about the things we hate, so why not channel that rage into something constructive? Like finding love?

Love is in the air • • • #lovethroughhate #youarewhatyouhate #hater

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Hater is here for that. Originally conceived as a comedy sketch, according to Hello Giggles, singletons answer a series of questions when signing up that help narrow down their likes and, more especially, their dislkikes.

From there, you are well on your way to finding that special someone who shares your contempt for James Corden or the Arctic Monkeys.

Who knew hate could unite people in such a wonderful way? Now if only they could develop a similar platform for the world of politics…

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