Has Smoking Finally Stopped Being “Sexy” Now?

Research suggests smoking has become a massive turn-off to the opposite sex.

Smoking is not so sexy anymore.
Smoking Not so sexy anymore

There was a time when smoking was seen as pretty damn sexy but that time appears to be well and truly over.

In fact, smoking may now have the adverse effect on your pulling power, as more and more singletons go in search of that special someone without the potentially life-threatening habit.

This notion has been backed up by fresh research from Halo that shows single focus don’t think smoking is sexy or particularly cool for that matter.

A total of 500 singletons were quizzed on the topic of smoking in relation to their dating lives.

The results could provide a wake up call to any single smokers out there hoping to get by on looks and charm along with around 64 per cent of the single non-smoking men and women surveyed stating that smoking was a major deal-breaker for them.

In a strange twist, around 12.7 per cent of male smokers and 6.7 per cent of female smokers also said they wouldn’t date a fellow puffer.

Smoking definitely doesn’t make you more attractive either, as the study highlights.

Around 55 per cent of men and 54 per cent of women labelled the habit unattractive.

Gary Oldman on Loaded magazine’s first cover in May 1994
Smoking start Gary Oldman was Loaded‘s first cover star as part of a ‘Super Lads’ special. Image ©Loaded Digital Limited Archive

Some 73 per cent of non-smokers also felt smoking was unattractive while, astonishingly, 72 per cent of those that do smoke and took part in the survey felt it didn’t make you more attractive.

By contrast, just six per cent of women polled felt smoking was an attractive habit while seven per cent of men saw women who smoked as sexier than most.

It might finally be time to bin the fags and invest in some industrial strength mouthwash.

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