Harry Potter Star Elarica Johnson Is Taking Hollywood By Storm

The actor and model has dropped her broomstick for Bieber and bigger things...

Elarica Johnson
Elarica is collaborating with Justin Bieber Image Elarica Johnson/ Instagram

Elarica Johnson is on the brink of megastardom. 

She’s a British actor and model best known for her role as the gorgeous waitress flirting with Harry Potter in the Half-Blood Prince. Now she’s prepping for a massive gig in India, hosting the South Asian leg of Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour.

She’s also set to appear in How To Talk To Girls At Parties, a film starring Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning, and Ruth Wilson to name a few.

She’s on her way up and loaded was very lucky to catch up with Elarica in Mumbai, where she’s about to begin her Bieber duties.

We talked about where her career is headed, how she’s getting to know Priyanka Chopra and, believe it or not, ‘sexual aliens’…


loaded: How does it feel to be Bieber’s MC?

Elarica:  It’s completely surreal! Bieber has such a huge following, along with the fact that this is his first trip to India – he has a 70,000 people packed stadium so I’m super nervous but so very excited!

loaded: What does the role involve?

Elarica: It’s very different having a host for a concert, but there will be a lot going on: food, DJ’s and other acts I will be bringing on stage. My job really is to keep the audience in the know and make sure they are all having a a good time while keeping the energy high in the hot weather.

Dolce x Dolce | Everyday events in India! Mumbai is putting me through my paces? . . . #india #life #purposetour

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loaded: How’s Mumbai treating you so far?

Elarica: It’s such a beautiful place! It’s been very busy so I haven’t had a huge amount of time to explore but I’m really enjoying myself and really loving being in India! 

loaded: Have you mingled much with Priyanka Chopra yet? What is she like in real life?

Elarica: Priyanka is in the states working I’m sure… She’s lovely and meeting her before was such a pleasure. She completely down to earth and a lot of fun! Hopefully I’ll be bumping into her in LA at the end of the year.

Elarica in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince Image YouTube/ Warner Bros. Pictures

loaded: Tell us about your role in the upcoming film How To Talk To Girls At Parties.

Elarica: It’s a very fun film… Bizarre in many areas but probably the coolest movie I’ve shot. To sum up my character…. I’m an unconventional sexual alien… Ha!

Elarica Johnson
Elarica and her buddy Nathalie Emmanuel AKA Missandei from Game of Thrones

loaded: What was it like working with John Cameron Mitchell? Were you a Hedwig and The Angry Inch fan before you worked with him?

Elarica: I watched Hedwig after I met John… What a great performance and such a fabulous man! Honestly I love him! He is everything! Such a pleasure to work with!

loaded: What’s going on with the Marvin Gaye movie Sexual Healing? You’re playing Marvin’s wife. Have you been in contact with Janis Gaye? 

Elarica: Getting this film was so unbelievable. I was so excited to tell Marvin’s story. Unfortunately the production stopped and we are yet to hear of a date to continue. Meeting Janis never happened.. I do hope if we go forward then that may be a possibility.


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