Watch it and weep: The Harry Kane Euro 2016 set piece compilation

Shanking it over the crossbar again and again...

Euro 2016
Euro 2016 Won by Portugal. Yey. Image Xavier Laine/Getty Images

It’s fair to say nobody from England’s Euro 2016 squad came out of the tournament smelling of roses.

Tottenham star Harry Kane is probably feeling particularly crestfallen right now. He smashed in 28 goals in all competitions for Spurs last term but couldn’t hit a cow’s backside with a banjo at the Euros.

Many fans were baffled to see Kane on corner and free-kick duty for England throughout the tournament – shouldn’t one of the Three Lions’ best headers of a ball be in the penalty box for set pieces?

Kane’s delivery throughout the tournament didn’t seem to merit his designation dead ball specialist. Want proof? The below video, courtesy of Football Daily and Twitter feed @fuckoffmata, shows just how poor Kane’s crossing and shooting was.

Kane shanked free kicks over the crossbar again and again, overshot his corners so they cleared the penalty area and generally looked like a Sunday league pub player.

Apparently it was all down to departed boss Roy Hodgson, who set Kane as set piece maestro before the tournament started.

“I don’t need to apologise for Harry Kane taking a corner,” Hodgson said in his departing press conference. “Kane is the best striker of the ball we have. He’s the one who gives us the best delivery.

“We’ve tried many other players and we don’t get the same level of delivery as we get from Harry. We believe the best chance of scoring a goal is by the delivery and you can prove that with research.”

Sorry, Roy, but on this evidence Joe Hart would’ve done a better job.

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