Harrison Ford Opens Up About Why He Returned For Blade Runner 2049

The actor was famously hesitant to appear in Return of the Jedi– so what gives?

Blade Runner 2049
Blade Runner 2049 Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has revealed why he decided to reprise the role of Rick Deckard in the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 and, before you ask, it has nothing to do with money.

Ford will feature as Deckard alongside Ryan Gosling in Denis Villeneuve’s upcoming sequel to the Ridley Scott classic.

First released in 1982 to a mixed response from critics and audiences alike, Blade Runner eventually evolved from cult classic to arguably one of the most beloved sci-fi films of all time.

Now back and set for a return to the same dark, immersive dystopian world first created by Scott, Ford was forced to answer the question of why he chose to return to the role now, during an IMAX Q&A posted on Facebook.

“The character [Rick Deckard] is woven into the story in a way that intrigued me. There’s a very strong emotional context. The relationship between the character Deckard – that I play – and other characters is fascinating,” he said.

“I think it’s interesting to develop a character after a period of time – to revisit a character.”

Ford’s decision to return to the role came as something of a surprise to many fans, who still recall his hesitation at reprising the part of Han Solo for Return of the Jedi.

The Indiana Jones star famously lobbied to have Han killed off, as something of a martyr, at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, but to no avail.

Ford later went on to admit this move had been a mistake during an interview with Entertainment Weekly ahead of the release of The Force Awakens.

“I was glad that the character was still alive for me to play in this new iteration,” he said.

Whether this return proves to be a success remains to be seen.

Set 30 years after the events of the original movie, Blade Runner 2049 sees LAPD officer K (Gosling) on the hunt for Deckard (Ford) who has been missing since the events of the first movie.

Blade Runner 2049 arrives in cinemas on 6 October.

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