Happy Birthday Apple! Here Are 10 Amazing Facts About The iPhone

How well do you know the world's most popular handset?

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Happy Birthday Apple! 40 years ago today (January 3) Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak’s little start up company was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc, and history was made.

They didn’t know it at the time, but it would go on to become the biggest technology company the world has ever seen.

Apple’s products have transformed the way we communicate over recent years, and in celebration of the company’s work loaded presents 10 amazing facts about its most famous creation – The iPhone.                                       

Since being unveiled in 2007, the device has sold over a billion units and become a worldwide phenomenon. Discover more about the iPhone below:


There are thousands of apps available for the iPhone, and millions of them are purchased every year. Incredibly though, a staggering 60% of the apps available on the appstore have never actually been downloaded.


We all screwed up ours texts from time to time, but did you can actually delete a text you’re writing by shaking the phone in your hand? Pretty cool, right?


We all know the iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs in 2007, but the very first iPhone was actually introduced way back in 1983. The device is a lot different to the one we now though of course; it was a landline phone with a stylus built in instead of a touch screen.


Siri is one of the first things that comes to mind when we think about the iPhone, but it was actually only acquired by Apple three years after the iPhone was introduced. It was previously available on Android and Blackberry phones.


Next time you see an Apple advert, look at the time on the clock display. The clocks are always set at 9.42, marking the time the first phone was introduced by Jobs at the first iPhone keynote speech.


Just like Apple customers were shocked to see an U2 album had arrived in their iTunes back in 2014, they’ll be surprised to hear that there’s a miniature Bono smuggled onto their phones too. It turns out the tiny Artists icon used in iPhones is actually a silhouette of the singer.


It might be a compact device, but there’s a crazy amount of components in the iPhone. In fact, there are over 200 patents owned by Apple all relating to separate parts of the technology.


One of the first calls ever made on the iPhone was a prank call. Steve Jobs used the handset to ring up Starbucks and order 4,000 lattes during the first keynote speech. His impersonators still repeat the prank order in his memory to this day.


Did you know that one of Apple’s biggest rivals makes the iPhone’s processor? Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest names in tech, and Samsung actual play a vital role in the production of the iPhone too by creating crucial parts of the device.


The iPhone actually started as an iPad side project, and nearly didn’t happen at all. The Apple team were working on the iPad in the mid 00s, and intended to release a tablet. However, work on the tablet led to a breakthrough, and Jobs decided to use the technology they’d been developing to make a phone instead. The iPad was eventually released a few years afterwards, and the iPhone had already become a world-wide phenomenon.

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