Vodka Socks Or Deep Fried Canary? Hangover Cures From Around The World

Hangovers can be an absolute bugger but help could be at hand.

Three stars from the Hangover.
Hangovers They happen. Image Warner Bros.

Hangovers can be a bugger at the best of times but it’s somehow a hell of a lot worse during the busy Christmas season.

Office Christmas parties. Festive drinks with friends. Family gatherings. New Year’s Eve. The sheer number of social occasions involving a spot of booze means that, come December 31st, it’s all become something of a slog.

And what’s the recommended solution to any hangover woes in this country? More boozing. That’s right: the UK is a firm advocate of the old hair of the dog when it comes to getting over that post-drinking decline.

Fortunately, things are a little different elsewhere in the world. Alright, they are a lot different and in some instances, pretty weird in themselves.  

Don’t believe us? Check out this run down of just a few of the bizarre suggestions for hangover cures from across the globe, courtesy of ebookers. Enjoy! 











Check out the full interactive list of hangover cures from around the world right here. And just remember: if you do decide to drink this Christmas, please take it steady. There’s nothing worse than a throbbing, post-pub headache to ruin the big day for you and all of your immediate family.

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