Halle Berry Gambling Big With Role In Remake Of The Blob

This could either be the making of Halle Berry or the beginning of the end.

Halle Berry wearing a black corset on the red carpet.
Halle Berry The Oscar winner is back Image John Sciulli/Getty Images for Saks Fifth Avenue

Halle Berry looks all set to star in a long-awaited remake of The Blob and loaded still hasn’t decided if that’s good or bad news.

According to a report from Bloody Disgusting, the Oscar-winner’s name has been attached to star in The Blob, as part of a message posted online by Swengroup, the production company behind the project.

Though details remain scarce, the listing does also confirm that Simon West, a director perhaps best known for helming Con Air, is also attached.

The addition of Berry is an intriguing one for several reasons. On the one hand, the casting of an Oscar-winning actor in this long-delayed project is great news for all concerned.

Berry will bring plenty of gravitas to the film, which could arrive as part of Berry-naissance that also includes Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle.

Making history Halle Berry accepting her Best Actress Award for her performance in Monster's Ball Image Picture by Getty Images

The X-Men actress is set to appear in the latter in the role of a sort of modern day Q and is a welcome addition to the cast.

Berry could yet be joined by Samuel L. Jackson too, who was previously linked with the film and recently claimed the project had got the green light, during press for Kong Island.

“So I’m doing ‘Kong’ for the same reason I’ll probably be doing ‘The Blob’. I just got a call the other day (where the producers) said they finally got their money from China to do ‘Blob’,” he said.

The Blob also appears ripe for the remake treatment. First released way back in 1958 with Steve McQueen as its star, another version arrived in 1988 and earned rave reviews for its special effects.

Now, almost 30 years on and with remakes and sequels more commonplace than ever, it looks ripe for a revisit.

But there is always the potential for problems.

Long delayed, the worry remains that the finished result may not be worth the wait – why so much stalling if the film and script is up to scratch?

There’s also Berry’s rotten run of films following her Oscar winning turn in Monster’s Ball all those years ago – could this be another Catwoman, for example?

Ultimately only time will tell, but this certainly represents one of the more intriguing remake prospects on the horizon.

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