This Hack For Chilling Beer In Five Minutes Will Blow Your Mind

Having problems keeping your beer cold on warm days? This will help...

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It’s a common problem on a hot summer day, keeping the beer cold. Well, science has a very simple solution for this issue, and it involves salty water.

The salt water method might not be something you’ve considered in the past, but it’s the secret weapon hiding in your pantry. Here’s why it works:

It’s all about “freezing point depression” something that happens because salt has the ability to lower water’s freezing point.

Adding more and more ice won’t work because no matter how much ice you replace the water will remain at 0 degrees Celsius.

Plain water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius while salt water can get MUCH colder and better yet remain a liquid, salty water can drop to – 17 degrees Celsius.

Popular Science explains: “Table salt breaks down into sodium and chloride ions, which physically interfere with water molecules’ ability to form the crystalline structure we call ice. This means the solution has to be colder than normal in order to freeze.”

Here’s how to ensure a crispy, cold beer in five minutes:

  • Fill a bucket with water, TONS of salt and ice. Try not to go crazy with the ice, let the salt do its job.
  • Stick your bottles and cans in the bucket, try not to pack it in, allow the salt water to envelope the containers. Don’t worry about the ice melting either; it’s supposed to thanks to the salt which is turning it into a below-freezing liquid.
  • After five minutes, get ready to have your mind blown.

Enjoy your cold brew!

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