Guys Show Partners Last Adult Movie They Watched In Awkward Video

Most people wouldn't be willing to reveal their porn habits on camera...

Cosmopolitan adult movie habits couple video still
Awkward... Couples reveal their adult movie habits Image Cosmopolitan

There’s been plenty of debate down the years about the effect of pornography on relationships.

There are studies that suggest adult movies can bring couples closer together, and there’s also research that implies explicit material can push them further apart.

Whatever you make of it though, one thing’s for sure – porn browsing history isn’t necessarily something you’d choose to openly share with your partner.

However, that all changed recently after brave couples shared their adult movie habits with one another as part of a pretty cringe-worthy new video. In the clip, shot for Cosmopolitan, four guys show their girlfriends the last porn scenes they watched.


The results are… a little awkward at first. One of the partners starts by saying she thinks the scenes are “really weird”.

It seems like the girlfriends underestimate how much their partners watch porn too – one woman estimates that her boyfriend watches it once a week, but his coy reaction suggests otherwise.

However, another of the women’s problem is with the video itself.

After two performers go at it without so much as an introduction, she says: “Introduce the characters to me, don’t go all the way straight into the middle of the book!”

It’s not all bad news for the guys though, with one of the women reacting positively to the videos, and saying that watching adult material together could be an option in the future – one out of four ain’t bad we suppose…

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