Guy Pulls Incredibly Harsh ‘Spiders In The Shower’ Prank On Girlfriend

How is she still with him after this?

harsh shower prank
harsh shower prank How would you react? Image YouTube/DerekDeso

There are plenty of prankers on YouTube, but few are as harsh as Derek Deso.

Derek has emerged as one of the most popular tricksters on the site over recent years, and his poor girlfriend has suffered through hundreds of pranks as a result.

In fact, just a few months ago, his girlfriend had live snakes poured over her while she slept as part of an unbelievably cruel video.

Now, Derek has struck again with an equally harsh ‘spider shower prank’, which might be his craziest yet.

The video, which has resurfaced again after being posted earlier this year, sees Derek surprise his partner with a pair of petrifying tarantulas while she’s in the bathroom.

Now, it’s pretty safe to say that the creatures would make anyone feel uncomfortable, especially when you’re totally starkers in the bathroom.

Thankfully, she gets away unharmed from the spiders, but not before she gets totally freaked out.

It’s just the latest prank Derek has played on his long-suffering girlfriend and it begs the question – why is she still with him?

Derek isn’t the only guy pulling harsh pranks on YouTube either. User Hammy TV recently came under fire after going too far with a ‘hot sauce thong’ prank on his poor girlfriend.

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