Guy Jumps Into Zoo’s Panda Enclosure And Immediately Regrets It

It turns out Pandas aren’t as warm and cuddly as they first appear.

A panda attack.
When pandas attack What a plank

Some blokes will do anything to impress a girl, even if it means breaking the law and putting themselves in mortal danger.

Take this young guy from China, for example. He was so desperate to show-off to his girlfriend that he decided to get up close and personal with a panda at Dujiangyan Zoo in the Far East.

Eager to impress his female companion, the unnamed man decided to clip over the cage keeping the panda separate from them and go in for a closer look.

Clearly feeling a little full of himself and noticing the male panda was fast asleep he decided to wake up the snoozing mammal – but was soon left regretting.

That’s because, as it turns out, Mei Ling didn’t take to kindly to being woken up by a douchebag invading his space and decided to take action.

Pandas aren’t necessarily known for being particularly fierce but this one proved he definitely wasn’t one to mess with after turning on the man and latching himself on to his leg.

A scuffle ensued, with the idiotic cage invader left cursing his entirely stupid decision to climb over the fence, with his panda opponent gaining the upper hand in the world’s weirdest wrestling match.

Fortunately for us and anyone out there thinking of climbing into any animal enclosures anytime soon, the entire thing was captured on the zoo’s CCTV.

The man was no doubt arrested for his entirely stupid stunt and while he may have endured one unpleasant stint behind bars to impress a young female, from the looks of things another, much longer one, could be on the cards soon.

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