Human Interest

Guy Gets Caught Cheating And Tries To Pretend Side Girl Is Sex Doll

By Jack Beresford

January 30, 2018

So you’ve been busted by your girlfriend doing the dirty with another woman.

Do you:

A) Confess all of your sins and beg forgiveness. B) Stand your ground and end the relationship there and then. C) Adopt the Shaggy approach and simply claim it “wasn’t me” in a deep voice. D) Try to pass off your side chick as a futuristic sex doll.

If you answered ‘D’ then congratulations: you are not alone. As it turns out, someone else thought that was the perfect solution after being caught in the act.

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, a jilted woman attempts to capture the moment she finds her other half engaged in an indecent act with another woman.

Here’s where everything goes a bit “Blade Runner”. Rather than come clean, the pair try and play out a scenario in which the woman involved is actually a sex doll, rather than a living breathing person.

The woman/replicant involved does a decent enough job of trying to come off like a robot, in all fairness, maintained a rigid pose and adopting a fake robot-like voice. If all else failed she could definitely find work as a mime artist. Not that there’s much demand these days.

Unfortunately, the other woman isn’t buying it for a second, which is a shame. Well, it’s not a shame, per se, but it’s kind of unfortunate for us here at loaded as we would have loved to see a few more idiots try and pull off this kind of nonsense.

Of course, there are question marks over the validity of the clip. It could definitely be fake, especially as it seems like the man and his secret lover were a little too prepared to pretend she was a robot – almost like they had time to prepare.

Unless, of course, they agreed that this would be the course of action they would take if they ever were caught.

Then again, would anyone ever be dumb enough to believe their other half was cheating on them with a sex doll? And would they even be that cool if they knew their partner was doing the dirty on them with a life size robot.

All of this is giving us a headache.